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Posted June 5th, 2015Spring Hill Acres Annual Yard Sale

The Yard Sale is Saturday, June 6th, 2015 from 7:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Maps will be available in the morning along Spring Hill Lane shortly after you enter Spring Hill Acres. They'll be on the right across the road from Hemlock Archery Club. We are not having any sales at Hemlock Archery Club this year.

The map of the sales is below. Click here or on the map below to download a printable PDF version of the map.
2015 Spring Hill Acres Yard Sale Map.
Click the map to get a printable PDF version.

Special Request From Our Neighbors at YMCA Camp Shand

Our friends at YMCA Camp Shand have asked that no vehicles trespass on their property.  Someone has been driving ATVs and snow mobiles from Spring Hill Acres across their property.  There has been damage to the ball field and other areas.  Please refrain from crossing YMCA property with vehicles except in the case of an emergency.  The road from 322 to Camp Shand is a private drive.  It's not a public road.  If you have any questions about where it's okay to ride or walk, feel free to contact Chris Smith, the YMCA Camp Shand Director, or Scott Mailen, the YMCA Camp Shand Program Director, at 717-272-8001.  You can also contact Philip Rissler, the SHAHA president, at 269-9335 with any questions.

Note:  We do have the legal right to enter and exit Spring Hill Acres and use the Camp Shand road to and from 322 in the case of an emergency.  Our right-of-way explicitely states that the right-of-way is for "use solely as an emergency access road, and for no other purpose."

Along the same lines, please note that Google Maps incorrectly shows the location of the State Game Lands. There is no access from Spring Hill Acres to the State Game Lands without crossing private property. Click here for a map that shows Spring Hill Acres and some of the surrounding properties, including a portion of State Game Lands #156 to the South of Spring Hill Acres.  The map also includes the Horseshoe Trail route through Spring Hill Acres.

February 7th, 2014 Note from the President of Spring Hill Acres Homeowners' Association

It was good to see all of you who came to the 2013 fall meeting. Thank you for making the effort to come out and support us. 

Unfortunately, the emergency exit lot and the adverse possession claim filed against it were again the main topic of the fall meeting. Spring Hill Acres Homeowners' Association has title to the emergency exit lot at the end of Hickory Drive. We're paying the property taxes, which we contested after the reassessment. The county accepted our argument that the lot should not be considered a buildable lot and is not comparable to other lots in Spring Hill Acres. The taxes were reduced to less than $200 per year.

Lowell and Diane Hartzell are still claiming adverse possession and have filed a new adverse possession claim dated April 11, 2013, claiming the property adversely to Spring Hill Acres Homeowners' Association.

We're working on affirming our claim to the property and objecting to the Hartzell's claim of adverse possession.  Our primary objective is to assure that Spring Hill Acres remains serene and private and that we don't have any excessive traffic or non-residents driving through the subdivision.

I want to thank all of you who have paid your 2014 SHAHA HOA dues. If you haven't done so yet, this is your reminder that the dues are just $40.00 per year. Checks should be made payable to SHAHA and mailed to Spring Hill Acres Homeowners' Association, P.O. Box 7, Cornwall, PA 17016.

Philip Rissler, Sr.
Spring Hill Acres Homeowners' Association

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